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Our Services


AI-based Algorithm:

Our AI-based tool is an invaluable tool that can help to ensure that land is maintained and utilized in the most efficient and effective manner. It evaluates soil conditions and provides a detailed analysis of the soil type, nutrient levels, pH balance, salinity, and more. This information can be used to identify any deficiencies in soil that may be preventing optimal plant growth and to address them with the correct amendments. Additionally, this algorithm can be used to monitor and adjust irrigation and fertilization schedules, helping to ensure that the land is being used to its fullest potential.


Soil Analysis:

Our Company uses genomic analysis to determine soil microflora and combines it with agronomical and physiochemical data to produce a comprehensive report that advises farmers towards improving soil characteristics.


Remote Soil Sampling:

We offer soil sampling in remote areas using aerotransportable devices, making it easier for farmers to access soil analysis services in areas that are difficult to reach.

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